Brent Carr Ellison, Game Designer
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Stand-alone Levels

At The Guildhall at SMU, I brought levels to completion in a half-dozen different 3D editors. This included multi-player and single-player levels, with first- and third-person perspectives.

For the levels in this section, I implemented all geometry, detail, lighting and scripting.

In my Quake 4 level, Graduation Day, the player steps into the shoes of a recruit as he takes on the final Marine training tests. Strogg attack the ship shortly afterwards and the player must fight to survive.

Another Quake 4 level, Strogg Crisis, was a one week exercise where the usual gameplay has been modified to resemble an arcade-style rail shooter. The player blasts through dozens of Strogg on his way to a battle with their leader, the Makron.

Limbus Island (Half-Life 2) is a combat-free puzzle/ adventure level inspired by the layout and architecture of Alcatraz. I kept the layout open so players could wander and solve the puzzles in any order.

My design goal was to tell a story and help the player solve puzzles entirely with environmental cues rather than verbal or written communication.

Although I've worked with the editors for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3, I spent a great deal of time with Unreal Tournament 2004's engine.

This included a large number of multiplayer maps and two mods with 15-man teams for which I served as the Team Lead/Producer.

Finally, The Last Man on Nirn is a surreal quest for Oblivion very loosely based on "The Omega Man". When the player hears of a treasure discovery in a fishing village on an island in the Abacean Sea, he travels there only to find himself trapped and under zombie attack every night.

Although it's easy enough to seek solace, the resulting isolation begins to give way to some sanity-testing encounters.

The game files are available here (requires Oblivion to play).

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