Brent Carr Ellison, Game Designer
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Other Games

As an active participant in the indie community, I've always got at least one hobby game in the works. I find that what I've learned by making them comes in handy pretty regularly in my professional life.

Accessibility is a key focus for me so I spend a lot of time doing user-testing before finalizing elements like controls and UI.

Game Maker is my preferred engine due to the speed at which I can implement my designs in it, but I've also worked in Torque 2D, Unity, Lua, and C++.

This year I participated in the 48-hour Global Game Jam at the Concordia campus in Montreal, and we came in 1st place at our site with the 8-player, single-screen competitive G-G-G-GHOST!.

I programmed and shared design duties on this (largely) two-person project. In the game, participants get just two buttons to control their teenager as they shuffle rhythmically through a haunted mansion, dodging hazards and using items to throw other players into danger.

Bionic Viking was a small team project made in Torque 2D for which I designed the core gameplay and levels.

The player character in this 2D platformer has a very versatile moveset: he can jump, stick to walls, swing an axe, fire a blaster and execute deadly melee and ranged charge attacks. My design goal was to make it so the player's input would always result in something cool no matter the situation. The character gets his full moveset from the start, so the focus is purely on player skill rather than unlocking new abilities.

A video trailer featuring gameplay is available here.

This image is from the dialog tool I'm developing for my latest hobby project.

I like making games with simple but flexible rulesets that then make it easy for another designer to churn out lots of content. Thus I sometimes need to make tools to get that content in the game.

I've worked with a lot of different tools, both professionally and otherwise, so my tool design is informed but what I like and don't like when making content. Dialog in the game is keyword based (a la Ultima or The Elder Scrolls), so I devised a system to make it as easy as possible to input new words and handle the logic of various short conversation branches.

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