Brent Carr Ellison, Game Designer
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Dungeons of Fayte

"...pretty much nails the four player action adventure thing while actually adding whole new layers of depth" - Scott Sharkey,

I made this game with another designer in my free time while working at Funcom. It has received the following accolades:

• 2nd Place in the TIGSource Assemblee Contest

•Gamasutra Top Freeware RPGs of 2010

• Featured on several game sites including and

• Featured in the retail book "250 Indie Games You Must Play" by Mike Rose

• Over 25,000 downloads to date

Dungeons of Fayte is a 4-player co-op RPG meant to simulate a full roleplaying campaign in under an hour of play. The goal was to make the game feel as big as possible with plenty of opportunities for players to generate their own stories - while still being a quick and accessible experience.

I handled the game's core design and programming. The full game is available here.

The game's dungeons are Zelda/Gauntlet-esque affairs livened up by events where the party gets to vote on their decisions. But it's the unique character progression that makes for the game's epic feel.

Between dungeons, each player gets to choose what their characters will do for a week (visit the tavern, work at a graveyard, etc). The results (and potential subsequent events and choices) are then presented for everyone to see. All the events are snappy and frequently humorous, with the goal being to make an experience that comes out of the game and gets people laughing and talking together.

As players increase their stats, they can switch to one of up to 16 different classes and are encouraged to keep changing throughout the game. Each class has just one special ability, designed to work in concert with the rest of the group.

Even if the whole party dies in a dungeon, the game continues. The group plays through cycles of dungeons and town events for 4 game months, at which point the Bone Lord arrives. Win or lose, the game ends and each player gets a unique ending.

The reaction to the game has been extremely positive - this mock "box art" was produced by a fan. There are a number of Let's Play videos on YouTube as well, including this amusing series (make sure to turn down your audio before playing).

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